Links to other websites that relate to Blue Alchemy and Indigo.

The Little Indigo Museum, Miyama, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. This is the textile collection of textile artists Hiroyuki Shindo and Chikako Shindo. It is a fantastic place to visit in a beautiful village of thatched-roof houses. Click here for link.

Hacienda San Juan Buenavista, El Salvador: historic indigo plantation and producer of natural indigo. 

Click here for link to Facebook page.


The Colours of Nature, the company profiled in BLUE ALCHEMY that makes eco-jeans:
Auroshilpam,  Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu, INDIA

KSG Enterprises, Tamil Nadu, India, producers of indigo dyestuff. Tel. 91-9443327634 


Nike Centres for Art and Culture, Nigeria.  http://www.nikeart.com


The Handloom School, an organization working with young weavers in Maheshwar, India. Affliated with WomenWeave.  Click here for link.


IndiGrowing Blue, a website about an indigo growing and composting project at Indiana University with Rowland Ricketts. Click here for link.


Sutra, a Kolkata, India based organization concerned with textile studies and preservation. Click here for link.


Gasali Adeyemo, USA-based Nigerian indigo dyer and artist: www.africancraft.com/artist/gasali

Black Art Studio, Information about Nigerian indigo dyeing and Nike Davies Okundaye. Click here for link.

Weavers Studio, 94 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata 700019 INDIA  www.weaversstudio.in